Monday, May 02, 2011

Weekend Haul

Had a semi-great weekend as Saturday was really nice. I took the family out to Washington Monument State Park in Western MD. It was the first completed monument dedicated to the memory of George Washington. We had fun taking pictures (which I will showcase later this week) and also picked up out first Tick of the season - ew! It was fun getting outside for such a nice day as Sunday brought the rain again.

Grand-Dad gave my son $20 for the Easter Holiday. He quickly took that and spent it all on one thing. He got the Pokemon TCG: Victini Box. It had 5 packs of Pokemon Black & White cards, a Foil card of Zoroark and a cute little Victini figure.

As for me, my package came in of my winnings from eBay. I picked up 3 Gundam Fix Figuration figures for $145 including shipping. I was hoping to win another one, but the Quick Bid locked up at 4 seconds and I lost out. I now have figures #0014, 0015 and 0019.

Though the boxes had been opened, the parts were still in the original wrapping, so I was really excited about that. I hope to have a blog review for each in the co,ing weeks.

How was your weekend with family and friends?


  1. Man! I saw some power-pac Gundam G.F.F there. I used to collection G.F.F right from the start but gave up halfway as I find it hard to keep up with the more series and pricing.

  2. @Dennis Aka Katsuden ~ I have to agree with the pricing and there are so many. I tried to pick the ones with the most accessories on them as I like those better.


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