Thursday, June 02, 2011

Gundam Fix Figuration #0014

I have been getting in some Gundam Fix Figuration's for a couple weeks not. Not sure what bug got up my ass, but suddenly had the urge to get some of them. Wouldn't of been that post over at Collect'em All I saw - no way - right?

This review will be of the GFF #0014,EX-S Gundam Taskforce Alpha. I have been trying to get my hands on the ones that have the most accessories.

When I was putting some of the earlier parts on, it felt heavy. The back fin part was a problem as it did not stay in its spot very well. I mean you had a little peg that held it in and it did have some weight due to the large amount of plastic.

The arms were a bit stiff, but manageable. I did place some parts on wrong as I had to review the box photos since the illustrations were a bitch to figure out. The gun is one of those parts that really had me baffled in how to place on this unit. I did my best, but know it was not setup as designed :P

When all the parts are assembled, you do need the stand. All that weight in the back will make it tip over other wise. I used my IKEA display stand and a black background. I had 2 light sources as well which I think helped with some of the shots.

Here are the early shots of the box, instructions, insides and extra stickers. I am old fashion, so do not plan to use the stickers at all. I sometimes really hate not being able to read Japanese sometimes. Though they have the illustrations, I still scratch my head on some of them.

Box Shots & Extras

I always have fun with these, but hate the damn wire bands they use for these. Seems like it takes me 1/2 an hour just to undo all of them. My cats however love to steal them and play with them around the apartment.

My son kept watching me and asking if he could help. I let him take some of the parts out for me. I have to build one of these with him one time. He said that when he turns 18, he to have them - I said sure :)

Here are some earlier shots with Gundam before I added the extra larger pieces to it.

I really love the details on these figures and the small extras they have really add to it. Here is a shot of a knee part that comes loose so you can remove the canister and held an extra light sabre. The red canister was 1/2 inch wide by 1/4 inch in diameter, but the details are stunning.

Well, lets now get to the really cool part of the show and lets see this baby. Full blown armored version with jet pack and the super-sized laser rifle.

4 Revolving Poses

Here are the Close Ups

Cool Shadow Shot

Well, not sure what will be next in the series. it will either be #0019 or #0044.


  1. Sorry to have poison you to buy more G.F.F. Ha! Ha! Sentinel Gundam is one great looking Gundam that I think should deserve an anime OVA on it. I agree that G.F.F can be rather stiff and moving the joint may sometime caused parts to drop off. But I do like those detail imprint on the figurine.

  2. @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ There is much to say about the details, but there can also bee some issues with the parts.

    I will have more when I do my 0044 review

  3. Are the decals included here water slides?...

    1. I beleive that they were just stickers. I will double check when I can as the box is in storage.


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