Saturday, June 18, 2011


Welcome to 2old4anime's "OTAKU CRIBS"

Now I know we usually do a 'Read the Posted Signs" on Saturday, but I wanted to give my brothers and sisters of Otaku a look at my 'crib'.

Here are some shots of my little piece of the Otaku World as I live it. Now it may not be as fancy or have as much stuff as others, but this is my little piece of Heaven.

How about sending us your 'OTAKU CRIB' shots and we will post them up here for the World to see. You will get your 15 minutes of fame and maybe more.

Lets take a walk around my Crib which I have named the 'Red Dragon's Lair'.

Send us your shots so we can see what your 'CRIB' looks like at bluedrakon 'at' gmail 'dot' com.


  1. cool idea! I'll send you mine (as soon s I gather better pics) :P

  2. @Otakitty ~ looking forward to seeing them. I am dismantling my place, so may post some old shots I have.

  3. I smell some oriental and otaku element in 'Red Dragon's Lair'. Lol...

  4. @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ it is very much looking like a shrine :)


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