Friday, July 08, 2011

Cosplay: Cream from Tiger & Bunny

Not all the characters in the Anime Tiger & Bunny are heroes. Here is a sexy lady called Cream (or Kriem). The picture to the right of her is one that I have as my desktop background.

She is a NEXT, but with Ouroboros. She uses her hair to control inanimate objects to life. Love the outfit and use of the umbrella as a prop. She sort of reminds me of a girl you might find at a Poker tournament trying to get you to buy something. But in the same breath, she is very gothic as well in the outfit - kind of Steampunk-ish without the all gears.

Can't say much more as it may ruin part of the story. You will just need to catch the show to see what happens.

Lets get on with the lovely ladies of cosplay:


  1. Haven't seen Tiger and Bunny, but I am loving the character designs. These cosplayers really rocked the character!

  2. She seems like she could be a Batman villain!

  3. @Yi ~ it reminded me of some DC Comics villains, but much sexier

    @lovelyduckie ~ right you are - Harley Quinn I believe would be a close idea.

  4. The dressing, specs & hairstyle looks really retro, the ah-go-go style. That's some nice cosplaying.

  5. @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ she does have that cool style as well - good catch as I didn't see that :D

  6. Very cool cosplays, it seems this Tiger and Bunny show has some really awesome character designs going for it.

  7. @Persocom ~ I was surprised by this as well. I thought they would only have a few heroines.


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