Friday, August 05, 2011

Queen's Blade Cosplay: Melona / Mellona

Here is WEEK 3 of our Queen's Blade Cosplay Series.

This week we have the bubbly and bubblegum pink ~ Melona / Mellona. She just oozes of loveliness, but you will need to watch out for her acid breast milk – yes, I am serious. I still remember the scene in Queen’s Blade Anime where her boobs explode with fluid. It is interesting to see that the ooze has a life of its own and the different shapes it can make.

I love this character due to the fluid hands that cover her breasts and the bunny ears. Not a true Playboy Bunny, but would make an interesting one to say the least. These ladies really got into the character with the variety of materials that was used to make it. I like the transparent pink plastic they used to make the dress.

I know, you want to see instead of read, so let’s get the eyes focused for the lovely ladies of Cosplay:



Masaki Aizou




Who is your favorite cosplayer this week?


  1. This is a fine cosplay, :9
    the thing is, i kinda get irritated with those hands covering her, it makes it look like someone is behind her.

  2. Such ecchi cosplays, but I like them! It's Queen's Blade, so definitely loads of fun.

  3. Sweet! Great selection here, in fact I can't really pick which one I like most :3 All of them have at least one or two shots that I really love.

  4. @Fabrice ~ the gloves on the boobs does get old fast

    @Yi ~ ecchi is definitively the right term for QB

    @Persocom ~ I am not sure how I can top this character


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