Tuesday, August 09, 2011

San Diego Comic Con 2011 - Day 1


The energy of the Comic Con can already be felt as you step off the San Diego Trolley. You look across the street to the convention center building and see the gathering attendees lining up at appointed lines. The faint of heart “Newbie” to the Con would be stopped dead in his tracks. DON’T! you maybe carried along to where your heading to any way. This veteran kicks it in to over drive only to equal the pace of the conventioneers. But once across the street, DOWN SHIFT! I call it: “The Tao Strut”. Perfected over many years. All ready a complement and first photo shoot of the Con. ( I’ am not even inside YET!) Oh well. For it is the way of the Con!

Are you handicapped? Need your Meds cold stored? Need a wheel chair or just a place to set down to rest for a few? I have handicapped letter from the VA. “A” Door is for us marked “HANDICAPPED”, and is opened early. The staff and volunteers there take their duties serious, and go the extra mile for you. This is where you are issued your “Handicapped” stamp on your badge. AND….. The “Star Bucks” (over priced) is open early. This is where I get my first coffee of the day’s Con. (and at coffee prices now. MY ONE ONLY EACH DAY). Also the Handicapped area inside exit is a few steps to the first dealer floor entrance.

“Tip for the Con”
: The night before the Con read the program. Plan your day schedule of events you want to attend. Then review over Morning Coffee. Be sure to mark them with post-it, and then highlight them.

“Tip for The Con”: You want to hit the dealers floor EARLY! Best deals the first 3 days (except Sunday) is first thing in the morning. Example: Last year, I was one of the first ones in the dealer floor. One of the FEW times it’s empty and quiet. SO STRANGE! Some dealers will have “First Day of the Con Specials”. I scored a GOOD ONE! Felicia of Darkstalkers PVC figure. The blue haired one of her on her knees licking a paw. (I look up from my lap top to the self over my writer’s desk right up at her) You pay shipping + handling + retail price, you will pay around $60.00 dollars. I got her at only a mere $10.00! BEAT THAT! “Con Specials” is the way of the wise Con Shopper”. Next day early I scored all 3 DVDs of the “Bible Black” series, for $30.00 dollars. You pay $30.00 retail, and S+H! Now as for sales and being able to talk a deal. That is Sunday, and the last half of the day. Money is lighter to carry home for the dealers. That is the best time to strike! Spent a tidy sum at a booth one year. Saw in a box under the table a “Rag Doll Style” Betty Boob in a bag. Asked about her and picked her up. “She got a box cutter damage on the leg. It was marked $10.00. I saw cut. Declared I can sew that damage and the ex-wife loves Boob. “I’ll give you $5.00!” “Done!”, he answered.

Yesterday afternoon, I came down here and did a “QUICK” walk into “PRE-PROFESSIONAL REGISTRATION line. (4 people ahead on me, is NO line) I received my Badge, Official 2011 Comic Con Bag, Events Guide, and Souvenir Book. Morning coffee locked into holder, (MY CON BAG HAS IT ALL) And I am ready! No need for me to review the Con battle plan of the day. Con time till opening door: 2 HOURS! TIME TO PHOTO-CRUISE! This is my time, and for what I LIVE FOR!

This is where the energy come from. The people. Pre-Con Karma is a palatable thing. The crowding can be tough, but you can not fine such a more courteous crowd anywhere. My “Japanese Eye Brow Check” time. There’s a small groups of Cosplaying ladies checking their makeup. “Greeting my fellow Cosplaying Ladies of the Con!”, I introduce myself. “Full crew of Sailor Moon!” I bow deeply. “Can you help a man with his Japanese Eye Brow? I have my own kit. HELP!” Ever had Sailor Moon and Sailor Jupiter do your makeup? Now I am ready! Two hours early before the doors open. Time to take up position in front of door “A”.

Your walking up to the Convention Complex and what is the first thing you see? ME! The “Fan” is my way of announce I am ready for a photo shoot. A real Japanese Lady sold me that fan two years ago at the Del Mar Fair. She taught me how to open in with a loud “POP”! Got to be care full. It does startles people! Had a young “Naruto” Cosplaying “KID” challenge me, and took a “Combat Stands”, Naruto style. I silently glared down at him. Slowly I drew my fan…. “BANG”! (the kid jump clean out of his metal head band) “Never challenge “The Priest of Tao”, young Naruto”, I laughed. (where did he go?)

UPDATE: In the last photo, that is DC with Yaya Han as Daenerys of House Targaryen.


  1. You are awesome in full gears and man, Lady Dragon is gorgeous! I see you had some great bargain and I would love to have "Bible Black" dvd. Isn't that Hentai? Lol...

  2. Being in SDCC is like a dream come true especially with cosplayer like Dragonlady. I am so envy of you.

  3. @LEon ~ it definitely is and I swear that looks like Yaya Han


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