Friday, September 02, 2011

Queen's Blade Cosplay: Cattleya

Here is WEEK 7 of our Queen's Blade Cosplay Series.

If any name of the Queen’s Blade characters fit, it is Cattleya. Those have to be the largest set of Breasts I have seen on a character. Those would be a weapon themselves swing around. But she also uses what can only be described as a freaking double bladed Zanbato. One swing of that massive sword and you can take down a regiment.

Since this is for the older crowd, we kept her kid out of this series.

We need to get a ‘Moooooooooove’ on and take a look at these lovely ladies of Cosplay:


  1. This is one tough character to cosplay! You really need to be super busty to do it. One that's bigger that F-cup. Maybe the world cup! Lol....

  2. I love her, she is a very beautiful woman and that's great too.

  3. I like the voluptuous forms in these cosplays.

  4. @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ Dude - that is a riot, nice play on words indeed.

    @KINGRPG ~ there is definitely plenty of love to go around with her :D

    @Yi ~ I have to agree that sexiness comes in all sizes and shapes!


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