Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Review: Transformer Grimstone

Here you will find my review of Transformers Power Core Combiners Autobot - Grimstone.

I got this while Borders was going out of business (R.I.P.). They had some with cars, but I know my son would like the dinosaurs more. I wanted one with planes, but no luck. It is funny now I buy the Transformers and my son ends up with them.

Overall, the packaging design and promotion of the figure was pretty cool. I think the design of the final combined figure was well thought out and everything fit fine together. The only odd thing was that the pictures of the final figure were all reversed.I guess for product placement it was easier, but still even the drawing was reversed of what the final figure looked like.


The 4 drones are just that - non-transforming dinosaurs. I find this a little disappointing figuring the number of these type Transformers that were done in the past. I would of rather enjoyed this set if the dinos actually transformed and not just when you attached it to form Grimstone.

They actually named the drones after a dinosaur and not some other name. Maybe they decided it was just easier that way, but they really picked some long ass names. The one that I know they wrongly named is the Spinosaurus as this is actually a Dimetrodon. I am not sure why they screwed this up, but I guess it sounded cooler.

Drones ~ in order of Appearance
Pachycephalosaurus, Parasaurolophus and Spinosaurus)

Here is the main body or combiner for the set, a Triceratops. But this looked more like a Styracosaurus than a Triceratops. I guess once again, they went with a well known dino name.

This was the only one that transformed from a dinosaur to robot (Commander) mode. You will see the light blue boxes on the figure were used to connect to the 4 drones. They really made sure they stood out so you know what they were for. In dino mode, this is an impressive figure.

Triceratops / Commander Modes

Now we get to the Grand Finale - GRIMSTONE.

Nice one Grimstone, was that really necessary - seriously!

When you transformed the Commander so he could combine, you got a new face by moving the Triceratops head a bit. After that you just clicked the blue knobs into the red part of the drones. When you did this, there was a small transformation as the drones changed their shape on some of them. They opened up a bit to help make the figure stand better.

4 Revolving Views

I liked the color combinations on this figure and the golden enlarged head was a nice touch. I was surprised by the fact that there were no weapons for this figure. Such an imposing figure and nothing to smash stuff with - not right.

Closeup and other Photos

Infamous Pantsu Shot

Anything new in your toy box?

The next Transformer Review will be Darkmount and it will be by my son - I hope.


  1. Man, this a cool combiners but it's a petty that that those smaller dinosaurs can't transform to individual robot.

  2. @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ that was a downer for me as I hoped they would, but the combined unit rocks anyway


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