Friday, October 21, 2011

Queen's Gate Cosplay: Alice

Here is WEEK 14 of our Queen's Blade Cosplay Series.

Sadly, this will be the last post for this series . . . for now. I know it says, Queen's Gate, but is from the same gaming series.

When I saw this figure, I really wanted her for my collection. But like most of these, she was outside my price range. I am not sure why I like her so much except, once again, it is a Gothic Lolita in black.

Not sure I want this little lady coming for a visit as when her bullets run out, she can then stab you with the blade handles. Since this is my last cosplay post for a while, I wanted to go out with a bang - bad pun with the guns.

So this blog will feature 7, that's right 7 lovely ladies that took the time to cosplay our little lady.


  1. *sad face* Last one? Well that makes sense I guess. Maybe you could hunt down some more of the Queen's Gate girls though. Without Alice I wouldn't have had any interest in Queen's Gate, as I'm more of a Queen's Blade fan, but yeah I can't resist gothic lolita :3 Very nice selection of lovely ladies here looking great as Alice! I think Saku and Mochimochi Anko are my faves, but they all look good :)

  2. Saku looks great in this cosplay. This gothic outfit suited well for the coming Halloween.

  3. @Persocom ~ I will be working on more, but need to give myself a break from QB. I could go on for ever, so maybe a new wave of them soon.

    @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ Maybe that will be my Friday one as I don't have a post ready yet - need to find a Halloween cosplay series.

  4. I really love cosplay modelling.

  5. @Cairdiuil ~ the one with Saku is really nicely setup for her character

  6. WOW, that's a lot of nice Alice cosplays... I'm surprised so many girls attempted this, since it's heavy on the accessories and little details you gotta nail.

    Somebody shoulda tried to do the heart shaped shoe heels, I always thought those were super cute, and well, she has one of the best designs in the series.

  7. That's not gothic lolita. Not even close. Cosplays were badass tho


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