Friday, November 18, 2011

Cosplay: Yoko Littner

I had to do another Yoko cosplay blog (1st one) and it is my Birthday as well. Yes, just turned another year older :P

What a better way than to spend it showcasing one of my favorite anime heroines - Yoko from Gurren Lagann!

I wanted to showcase a variety of her versions as well. I hope you enjoy these lovely ladies that cosplayed her. You will see that some of these are just because they are damn sexy,. I actually picked some of these as they reminded me of a figure or artwork I have seen of her.

Okay - where is the cake and ice cream with Yoko figures on it????



  1. I can't find a cake, but I've read somewhere a gurren lagann themed wedding. they also had matching cakes.. Happy birthday!

  2. The airi cosplay of yoko is beautiful, she really fits the bill.

    She looks mix, do you have any links where i can see more of her cosplays?

    im liking it ^^

  3. Lovely mix! I like the variety of outfits these girls wore, very hard to pick a favorite ^^ I'm suddenly reminded of how long it has been since I watched Gurren Lagann.

  4. Happy birthday to you and this is a great bd special post indeed. These cosplayers of Yoko are so good that I can't tell who's better. I will just sit on the fence...

  5. @Fabrice ~ sorry for the late update, been kind of busy with family stuff. Screwed up on her naem - should read Aira (fixed now) Here are some of the sites I found them on:

    @Persocom ~ My son is hounding me to watch it again with him as well.

    @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ I am sitting on the fence as well, but if one of them walks by, I will drop - lol

  6. @Amakura Reika ~ thank you for the b-day wishes :D

  7. hi there! *_*
    Thanks for showing my costumes! big kisses <3
    Plu Moon

    1. Thank you for such a great cosplay and dropping by :D


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