Friday, December 23, 2011

Cosplay: Dirty Pair - Yuri and Kei

For our cosplay showcase this week, we are kicking it 'old skool'. We will also be showcase a duo cosplay as we usually don't do that very much. You will see both Yuri and Kei from the Dirty Pair series here for your enjoyment.

This series started back in 1980 and ran all the way up to 2001. Whatever case they were on, you were sure to have some real action and serious explosions.

We have decided to not limit ourselves to any one series they were in as you will have a couple different cosplays as you can tell by the artwork.

If I did this right, the first cosplayer did Kei (red hair) and the second cosplayer did Yuri (black/blue hair). Lets not waste any more time and check out the lovely ladies of cosplay:

Trin and MadMadamMim
(photography: DeathCom)


  1. old school anime but with these female cosplayers its certainly renewed!

  2. @phossil ~ it is always great taking a step back to view some classics

  3. I watched this anime when I was much younger. It was shown on tv in Singapore late nites. This post brings back memories of the anime.

  4. @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ I need to see if I can get it on DVD and watch it again


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