Monday, January 09, 2012

Manga Review: Monster Hunter Orage

Been a while, but I think it is time for a Manga Review. I should be doing these a couple times a month and may work on that for everyone. This week we will be reviewing Monster Hunter Orage.

Manga: Monster Hunter Orage
Story: Hiro Mashima
Art: Hiro Mashima
Distributor: Kodansha Comics
Number Volumes: ?
Price Point: $10.99/volume
Rated: T - 13 and up

This is drawn by Hiro Mashima under the supervison of CAPCOM. His other works also include Rave Master and Fairy Tail. Right now I am also reading Fairy Tail which is a great read as well.

Ripped from the Back Cover:

Shiki's mission is to wander to the ends of the Earth to hunt down a terrifying monster of legends! His companion is Ailee, a skilled huntress who would rather have nothing to do with the airheaded Shiki. Now the excitement of Monster Hunter games meets the creative genius of Fairy Tail's Hiro Mashima in a fun, thrill-filled fantasy adventure!

What is Cool about it:

DRAGONS and more DRAGONS. One of my son’s favorite mythical creatures and there are plenty of them here. I like the fact that they have a page in the book that describes the dragons in more detail. Kind of a ‘want to know more’ that you should read.

Our main guy, Shiki, is not only a Dragon Hunter, but a Seal Hunter. This means he can go anywhere and hunt dragons. He is not limited by the Guilds rules and can accompany other hunters. He just needs to make sure he reports any kills. His first ‘comrade is Irie and it turns out is the daughter of his master Greylee. Talk about a small world.

The back stories are well placed and a good addition to the story as a whole. They actually give you the missing parts of a character. These ‘short stories’ help to illustrate why they have their ‘little’ attitude or characteristics. This was especially true with Irie as you just can’t understand why she didn’t like being called Shiki’s comrade.

Like all Fantasy adventures, this one has a great quest. His Master was not able to do it, so Shiki took it over. This is not just any quest, but THE ULTIMATE QUEST. He is on the trail to find the legendary dragon Miogaruna.

What Suckles about it:

I hate to say this, but it is the same old plot. Young boy looses father figure and is set up on the world by himself. He is over ambitious and easily thinks everything will be fine. While on his ‘Big Adventure’ he finds friends to accompany him on the journey and battle alongside him. There is the ever so ‘evil villain’ (who’s name is Shadow – seriously, just that????). Like all plots, he is out to stop Shiki or take something from him. Even though this is an overused plot, like all these stories, it does work here.

Why the over use of the word ‘Comrades’? I makes me feel that I am in Olde Mother Russian sipping Vodka with the boys in the corner.

Where’s PLUE??? LOL

Some Interior Art:

Final Words:

My son actually found this, so the credit should go to him.

It is a fun read and falls well in line with Hiro’s style of storytelling. Every turn of the page just adds more excitement to the story (even if familiar). A young adventurer looking for ‘comrades’ to help him on his journey seeking the greatest of Dragons. What more fun can you have than that!

Overall Rating: B – great art, even greater Dragons, but usual plot.

Keep or Throw: KEEP

How about someone sending me a copy of a new Manga to review here on my blog (l am talking to you fancy Publishers and Distributors)?


  1. The drawing kind of like 'One Piece' style.

    1. @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ you are right on that note. It seems that they were all part of the obsession with Toriyama, so the styles are similar


  2. Didn't know that there's a Monster Hunter manga, especially when there are no fixed characters in the game.

    The story sounds a bit unoriginal, but it's a formula that works I suppose. I wonder whether the use of the word 'comrade' is down to translations, as it can be a bit likely but I can't say much unless there's a Japanese version to compare with.

    1. I found it interesting that they even had this as well.

      It is the same thing we see in other manga, but since my son loves Dragons, we had to pick it up.


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