Monday, January 23, 2012

Quick Look: Gundam Double 00 the Movie

Welcome to another edition of Kids Korner

I have decided to let my son help with doing another review. It is interesting seeing it from a child's perspective. Besides, it helps him with writing in school which is always a good thing. This time we will be reviewing: Mobile Suit Gundam 00 the Movie: A Wakening of the Trailblazer

What did you like about the movie?

Raven: How well the alien entities transform into a Gundam.I also liked the illustration of the Gundams.

Dad: What is not to like as it is a Gundam Movie :)

What didn't you like about the movie?

R: When the entities came together and made a flower. I thought that was unusual.

D: I agree with my son on this. This was a bit of an odd ending for a Gundam movie, but I got the reference - still not how I expected it to end.

What part of the movie was your favorite?

R: The war zone, because I like a lot of action.

D: I likes the battle scenes as well, but sometimes the action moved so fast you couldn't catch it.

Who was your favorite Gundam and why?

R: I didn't have one as I liked them all.

D: I have to say my favorite was the GN-006 Cherudim - love the shields and guns on this baby.

Would you recommend this to your friends and why?

R: No, even for me it was a little scary for me.

D: I would toss a coin on this as I think I would recommend Gundam Wing before this.

Overall Rating:

: A, because it is Gundam and anime, a perfect mix

D: C, just because of the screwed up ending.

Keep or Throw: Keep (we both agree on this)

We both had fun with this and hope to do it again soon.

Have you seen this movie and what were your thoughts?


  1. I just finished watching 00 season 2 and its was damn exciting and breath-taking. Then I was told by my friends that the movie got everything messed up. Well, I will still watch it cos it's Gundam.

    1. I know it would be a short view of the series, but I think they tried to jam too much into it.

  2. Interesting to see that your son likes the movie a lot, which is mainly on the battle part. The Gundam vs alien concept took many people hard and people find themselves hard to accept it, and it's that that makes it rather unpopular with the majority of the community.

    I think 00 QAN[T]'s entry is one of the shortest for a protagonist Gundam, and it didn't do much fighting really. The thing about trying to understand each other is a very ideal thing, but definitely not easy to implement in real life, especially to achieve peace.

    1. He likes seeing the Gundams in action, so that was his favorite part. I don't think he had a grasp of the story (or sometimes lack of).

      I think you are right as it seems peace is too far a distant reality, especially in a Gundam sense.


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