Thursday, February 02, 2012

DC Rushton’s Toy and Figure Review #4


Once again from, “The Grave Yard of the Gundams and Broken Figures”, I found this “MECH” of some unknown series. He was missing only his left hand. Toss away? NAY! Not DC Rushton. I see a “QUICK PROJECT”. Here it is, and how I did it in under a hour.

Checking my scrap wood pile I found a black rectangle pre-finished, 5 ½ X 3 ½. This became my base. Looking through the “Odd Weapons”, I found a gun of similar/near same scale. Also a odd light. The hole for the hand was drilled with a fine drill and a fine screw was inserted and threaded in through the gun. RTV was added to hold her tight and act as filler. His fist on his right hand held the Odd light perfectly.

Next, Two dabs of Epoxy were applied to his feet and secured him to the base on the left hand side of the base. A dab of RTV was applied to the bottom of my Paper Clip Holder that kept getting knocked off my desk all the time, and secured it to the right hand side of the base. Finally, Double Back Tape was used to secured the box of “Return Address Labels”, to the base.

And there it is! my completed “Desk Set”. Quick and E-Z, under a hour’s time.
Hope you enjoy my Desk Set project, and may it give you all out there MANY ideas for yourself, or maybe a nice gift for the “MECH WARRIOR” in your life.


  1. Did I just saw a body of Kampfer from Gundam 0080 been customised? Lol...

    1. LOL - might be and we forgot a few more pictures which we just added for everyones pleasure


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