Saturday, May 12, 2012

Please Read the Posted Signs

"Welcome to 2old4anime's INSPIRATIONAL SIGNS"

Each week here, I (D.C. Rushton), shall be presenting 5 Anime or Cosplay signs for your Enjoyment, Make You Laugh, or Just Make You Think!

With a "Furrow Brow" of WORRYING about my being granted my "PRESS" Badge, I have deemed today theme....


If you have any suggestions, drop me a comment here. I love fulfilling the requests of our Readers - YOU!

Until next week, "Please read the Posted Signs".


  1. Replies
    1. Lucky dude, but that seems to be draw in some anime - one guy who gets the girls :(

  2. Reminds me I've had a CC figure in the bedroom that still hasn't gotten reviewed. Uguu~ Also, now I'm craving pizza.

    1. LOL - I have several Gundams I need to get reviews on myself as with other figures *sigh* may have the time now though


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