Monday, May 07, 2012

Quick Look: Eureka Seven AO

This is a new anime based on the Eureka Seven series. We have a new set of characters in this one (and maybe some old ones :D), but looks to be a great series to watch this season.

The summary will be of the first 3 episodes as this gives you a good read into the series.

***** SPOILER ALERTS *******

Let me start off with the biggest news of this series as it is crazy cool:


Now that this is off my chest, lets get into the story.

This story will have many elements of the original. One of which is your normal coming of age storyline and the other is youthful rebellion. There is of course a possible love interest between our two young leads (sounds familiar) and prejudice within the community. We also have a sloth - not sure why the hell they picked this animal.

Ao Fukai is an energetic boy of 13 who looks to be the splitting image of Renton Thurston (if you ask me). His neighbor is a young girl named Naru Arata who he hangs with and helps her. The odd thing with her is that she has a pet sloth named Noah.She is able to look beyond his 'alien' label and genuinely cares for him. Could this be the first of a possible romance. Ao during the story ends up with a bracelet that glows green when he places it on his wrist. This was dropped out of a package some men were transporting to the Japanese Military. As it turns out, this will be his key to using the MK 1 or better known as the Nirvash!
Nirvash in Action
There is an Rescue Organization called Génération Bleu which have a couple IFO's. These are piloted by a couple of young girls (also known as Team Pied Piper). They are a 'for hire' group that help battle the 'Secrets' (geometric alien ships). They seem to have a hidden agenda, but that is not known what it is as yet. I have a feeling that a love triangle will appear with Ao and these girls somewhere down the line.

With the Scub Coral show up,so does a 'Secret' (aka G-Monster) which starts destroying the island. Needless to say after a climatic battle with Ao using Nirvash (in which Nirvash looses an arm o_O), his hair has now green. This adds the prejudice of him as an alien and everyone wants him in custody. They blame him and his mom for all that is wrong on their island. Luckily the next generation has more sense and rescue him for the clutches of their parents.

A larger battle awaits now that a Secret Battleship has emerged. I am sure that more surprises are just around the corner. The big question however is, Will Ao join the Génération Bleu and Team Pied Piper or stay on the island who's inhabitants despise him even though he cares for them.

Overall Rating: B - I think this may just be as good as the original, but the story still needs to be fleshed out. Not sure I am all cool with the alien issue or the new 'Secrets'.

Japanese Website: Eureka Seven AO Astral Ocean


  1. 'B' Rating. Seems watchable. That's too many anime to watch these days and I'm missing a lot...

    1. I have the same issue and sometimes overload myself. Because of this, I usually end up dropping the series 1/2 way through - which sucks

  2. While I am a huge fan of mecha based anime and a BIG fan of the original. This new E7 is just not cutting it for me. They left too many questions open and they seem to be answering them with more questions ... Everything will be clear eventually but right now the show is not on my favorite list. Plot (or lack thereof) it tad too chaotic *sigh* the visuals are as good as ever though, likable characters too!

    1. I have to agree with the open questions on this series. I wasn't going to catch it, but wanted to see how this fleshes out later. I hope this has a interesting plot twist later in the show


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