Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Figure Review: Major Motoko Kusanagi White Out

This is the other figure I got from that eBay auction I won. This is Major Motoko Kusanagi in her White Out version figure. Like the Hard Disk (insert link), this one also has a couple other variants.

Like the other figure, pretty much no movement what so ever. You can just add either gun and that is about it. Not to happy with the quality on these figures as a whole. This one even had a piece of plastic that was not trimmed off before packaging. I am happy that this one actually stands on its own.The figure is a bit top heavy due to her jacket being so bulky.

This one comes with 2 accessories that fit in her one hand. Each are different weapons and do fit nicely. One however really looks the part as you will see later.


Here are the shots of the packaging. As you can tell, not really a difference from the Hard Disk packaging. I guess this saved them production costs, especially on the back of the card.

Time to get to the figures now as we ripped open the package and set her up for posing.

4 Revolving Poses
Closeup Shots

I wanted to show you her holding each of the guns. I think you can see which one is better suited for this figure, but both are still held well in her hand. Not a lot of detail to really review here, so not as many shots of her - sorry.

The Infamous PANTSU Shot

I will try to get the other variants just to complete the collection, but will not pay a whole lot for them. I like the Hard Disk version due to the amount of details on the figure, but this one isn't too bad. To keep with what we did last time, here is the fianl shot:

Here is the End - literally.


  1. Oh! A big gun for the lady major.... The pricing of this figure should be pretty reasonable I guess. A great addition to your Ghost In the Shell collection. Again, I must confess that I'm a fan of the Infamous PANTSU Shot!!! Ha! Ha!

    1. I added some additional fun on these figures with 'The End' shots too. Glad I can place a smile on your face :D


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