Friday, July 27, 2012

Cosplay: Itsuki Minami

For our final installment of Air Gear cosplay, we have Itsuki (Ikki) Minami.

I guess you can say he is actually the lynch pin for all the other cosplays that have come before. If you have followed the story, you can image a 'love square' as each of these characters had a romantic relationship with Ikki.

You can also find him referenced as "Baby Face' or Crow (little bird covers his man parts - lol). You don't mess with the face,  Eastside Guns or Kogarasumaru. You would think there would be heavy gang elements (which there are at times), but it is all taken in stride by Ikki.

I tried to find some different cosplay version for you, but most of these will be after he created Kogarasumaru. Lets take a look at the lovely ladies and cool guys that cosplayed him.

(photographer: unknown)

(photographers: kanさ, orz, りかさん & unknown)
(photographer: alwayshehe & magnadel)
(photographer: unknown)
Let me know which of these ladies are your favorite?

We are also always looking for our NEXT COSPLAY STAR, so drop me a line a bluedrakon (at) gmail (dot) com!


  1. These guys did a great job and those outdoor shots are a lot more well suited for the character.

    1. They did a nice job on these as the jump shots are really cool.

  2. Oh A male cosplayer for a change!
    Great one of max or misakaterina, I love the added effects if so makes the picture more interesting. the jump with the sky in the background is a win win!

    1. Yea - I know that I should be doing more male characters. Maybe this will start a new trend


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