Friday, August 31, 2012

Cosplay: Rangiku Matsumoto

Yes, I know, why haven't I done a Bleach cosplay yet? Well, I have no excuses, so lets do one this week on Rangiku Matsumoto.

She is the fun loving girl that endlessly teases poor Hitsugaya. She is the lieutenant under Hitsugaya in Division 10. She was also very flirtatious and seems to enjoy flaunting her womanly wiles. She is also a heavy drinker and would rather leave the paperwork to someone else.

I am sure she is a fan favorite for obvious reasons. I have to admit though, her Shikai is scary. When she uses the release command 'Growl', it seems to turn to dust (ash). In this form it is like having a cloud of blades. I wouldn't want to be in the middle of all that ash as I know I am done for.

Enough of my banter, as I am sure you want to check out the lovely ladies of cosplay:

(photographer: unknown)

(photographer: unknown)

(photographer: Captain-Marmote)
(photographer: OsirisSan)

Let me know which of these ladies are your favorite?

We are also always looking for our NEXT COSPLAY STAR, so drop me a line a bluedrakon (at) gmail (dot) com!


  1. I only watched Bleach up to Aisen betrayed the Shinigamis... That's how little I know of Bleach unfortunately ^^;

    Matsumoto does stand out among other Shinigamis with her appearance. Obvious one aside, she does have a very western look, or at least as if it's a Japanese woman with very Western look on the face. This seems to what makes her very suitable for cosplays, especially by overseas cosplayers (IMHO), where I feel they fit in very well. :o

    1. I would have to agree with you on her look as it is definitely Western. I can see why you would note that she is best suited for here.

      Maybe I should post a few more Bleach Cosplayers - hummmm.

  2. Oh yes! The super busty character in Bleach! Motivation to watch the anime. Ha! Ha!

    1. Yes - she sure does 'bust' out at you at times :D


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