Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Review: Armor Girls Project - MS Girl Wing Gundam

Well, I have finally taken the plunge. I don't think she is as flexible as the Busou Shinki series, but still cool to own. I hope that Persocom is reading this as it is all his fault - LOL.

I was searching the internet and came across this figure. I did a cool cosplay post about MS Girls and was happy to find this. It seems that Armor Girls Project had created a, MS Girl series. The first one out of the gate as Wing Gundam. They have a second one coming soon of RX-78GP03S Stamen.

I decided that I will have to add these to my collection. The only sad part is that I have packed up 99% of my GFF series. I won't be able to show them side by side, but maybe for another day.

I have also decide to try my hand at humor in this post - at least at the beginning. I hope to keep my friends entertained and enjoy the fun here. Without further ado, lets get to the figure review.

Like always, I will start off with the packaging - both out and inside.  I have to say that I like the cut away windows showing the figure inside. The back gives plenty of details on what she looks like by herself and with the Wing Gundam parts. The inside packaging reminds me of any GFF or Revoltech figure. As you can see, you get several hands for holding the different weapons. Lets take a look at her out of the box.


We will start of with the MS Girl all by herself. But for some reason, she would not let me take a lot of pictures. I only have these few XD


AHEM - okay, lets get to the shots I took of her in Wing Gundam greatness and saluting for the troops.

I love the fact that she has all the same armament as the regular Wing Gundam. Here are the rest of the shots in full regalia. 

Infamous Pantsu Shot
(yep  - got it when her guard was down)

Well, I have to say that this was fun, but I did get nervous. I thought I lost once of her silver disks on her Shoulder armor. It was luckily still in the package and Super Glue fixed it falling off.

Is this on your list of figures to get?


  1. She looks cool, last pic... pantsu shot! >3<

    1. LOL - I had to take one before she switched back to her normal mode :D

  2. OMG! You got this! That's so sweet! Read some reviews that says that the plastic are really frail and I guess donning the armour and setting up needed much patience. Kawaii gals fused with Gundams are best of both worlds. I kind like the fine prints on the armour. Veri GFF! Oh yes! The infamous pantsu shot! WWWWahhhhh...

    1. I have to admit that I was nervous as the hand joints looked like they could break. The only thing I forgot to mention was that the hands would fall off easily for a time. Once she was all set, she was fine then :D

  3. Awesome! You did the review :D I like the way the windows are on the box. The hands look similar to Revoltech style, so does the neck a little bit, kind of like a mix between Figma and Revoltech though because it doesn't look hideous. She's pretty cute and I like the way the armor looks. Good to see you made the jump and got her :) I might have to pick up one of these armor girl series myself one of these days. She looks a LOT easier to assemble than your average Busou Shinki.

    1. It was a blast, but only had a few issues that I forgot to mention. I did have a problem keeping her hands on. It wasn't as easy as I would of liked transforming her. However, as noted, once it is together, it is COOL!


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