Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cosplayer Interview: LithiumFlower

Welcome to another session of Cosplayer Interview. This week, we have the pleasure of talking with LithiumFl0wer.

I first caught some of her cosplays when I was doing my research for Sheryl Nome. She has some stunning cosplays of her, but none more eye catching than the Black Bunny version. It never ceases to amaze me how the cosplayers take a character and bring them to life with such beauty.

She has also completed several cosplays from Zone-00 which was surprising to me. It is not as well known here, but does have some of the most sexy characters in a manga. LithiumFl0wer has done several of these in great detail and really math the characters well.

Let get to the interview and the wonderful cosplays.

What is your name and where do you reside?

*** I'm Rei from Singapore. I go by the screen name "LithiumFl0wer" on Deviantart.

What first started you on the road to cosplay?

*** I was a big fan of Japanese visual rock when I was in college and a friend showed me photos of japanese girls dressing up as my favorite musicians. I started making their costumes and it took off from there.

How do you choose which characters you will Cosplay?

*** I'm more interested in costumes and character designs so these are the main factors I look in for my next project.

I have not seen that many cosplays from the series Zone-00. What drew you to this series for the characters that you did?

*** I love the story of Zone-00 and the stylish illustrations. You can say it's my kind of artwork ;)

You did a stunning cosplay of Black Bunny Sheryl Nome. This is a daring cosplay to pull off and I was wondering why you chose this one?

*** Thank you! It was a collaboration cosplay with a fellow Singaporean cosplayer. I did Black Bunny because she didn't want to be black bunny :( I prefer making Black Bunny too because the costume is quite a challenge.

Speaking of Sheryl Nome, what drew you to cosplay this character in so many different versions?

*** I am a big fan of Sheryl Nome! She is confident, poised and self assured. Her costumes are beautiful and glamorous. I especially love making her costumes because this is one cosplay I can have full creative freedom at. I added many of my own personal touch to every costume of hers I've made.

You seem to be able to transform between cosplay and crossplay with ease. Which of these (if not both) do you find the most fun doing and why?

*** do you think so? I'm flattered, thank you.
The character defines the fun factor more than the gender. But when I'm doing a male role, I don't have to be pretty and poised so it's more relax!

What conventions or shows have you cosplayed at and have you gotten any awards?

*** I usually attend local and a few overseas conventions in Asia. I'd like to go to western conventions one day! I don't usually compete at cons so I have not won any awards.

When not cosplaying, what do you do?

*** I cook. I'm pretty good at it :)

For any aspiring cosplayers a little shy, what words of wisdom do you have for them to get started?

*** I don't like telling other people what to do, I'm not exactly a good role model.

But I guess , don't let other people stop you from doing what you love and have fun!

Where can we catch more of your Cosplay at?

*** I am LithiumFl0wer on deviantart. I am also on a Japanese cosplay website "Cure" and my ID is 17677.

Twitter | WorldCosplay

If any readers have faved my works on these sites previously, thank YOU very much!!!

Here is a Shout Out to our Photographers: 

saharasnow  |  itismoi   |  Frances Wong  ValeforHo  |  shiroang   |  Terence Ho   |  garion   |  Alfie   |  JY
More Cosplay Photos

I want to thank lithiumfl0wer for taking the time to write to me and to the Photographers for the great photos that you get to see here today.

Want to be my next interviewed COSPLAY STAR? Drop me a line a bluedrakon (at) gmail (dot) com!


  1. Here's a supporter from Singapore and LithiumFl0wer and her cosplay team has made our country folks proud. Great pics there and stunning costume. I realised a lot of cosplayers started the hobby inspired by Sheryl Nome. I'm a Macross fan but didn't Macross F has such a great impact. I belong to the Minmay Guard I guess.

    1. I was happy to have interviewed her and she is a stunning cosplayer. I have to side with you as well as I am olde school and a Minmay fan myself.


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