Monday, October 08, 2012

Happy Columbus Day

Well, it is great to have the day off with my wife. My son however is stuck at school today. LOL - now we can 'play house' without any interruptions - heeheehee.

As you know this is to celebrate Columbus sailing across from Spain to discover the 'New World'. Though it's still funny that he actually only discovered the islands in the Caribbean. But for some reason he is celebrated as finding the 'Americas'. It has been recently though that he is getting more criticized for doing damage to the populace of these islands. It seems that like all early European discoveries, he may have done more damage but good (disease and slavery).

I guess it is up to the Historians and Politicans to make that call for us. I am just happy to have a paid day off and spend it with my wife.

To kind of celebrate, lets take a look at some Lovely Ladies of the High Seas:


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