Sunday, October 28, 2012

Please Read the Posted Signs

"Welcome to 2old4anime's INSPIRATIONAL SIGNS"

Each week here, I (D.C. Rushton), shall be presenting 5 Anime or Cosplay signs for your Enjoyment.

Make You Laugh, or Just Make You Think!

With the San Diego Comic Con 2012 last day's Report done.

Let us for this week is...

"San Diego Comic Con 2012 WRAP-UP!"

If you have any suggestions, drop me a comment here. I love fulfilling the requests of our Readers - YOU!

Until next week, "Please read the Posted Signs". Please Read the Posted Signs


  1. Tick & Moth! I used to watch the cartoon. Nice! That M.Bison is really tall...

    1. I remeber watching this as well and their superhero yell was "SPOON!" - lol


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