Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Review: Hyakkisho Shion by Masamune Shirow

I have been lucky to pick her up for a fair price from eBay. I was able to gt the Regular and Limited Edition version. For this review we will be covering the Limited Edition version.

To tell the difference of the 2 figures is just the paint scheme on each. I was a bit taken back by what I thought was suppose to be the colors, but it seems others have the same one.

Regular: Head Band is Blue, her Panties are White and her Sash is Brown.
Limited Edition: Head Band is Red, her Panties are Red and her Sash is Gray.

From the early photos, the Limited was suppose to have a Gray Top and Purple Sash. I can't however find any one online that has this color scheme. All other aspects of the figure are the same in color and position. these were both produced by Organic and are 1/8th scale figures. You also get 3 weapons with each figure; one sword which fits on her back and 2 Double Barrel Flint Rifles.

I have had my eye on her for a while as I love Masamune Shirow's style. I have found though that some of his characters aren't always done with the same love. This is one that I think is well worth it for the price paid ($20USD + shipping), but no more. There is a good amount of detail to this figure, byt I am not sure it was also shown to the face. The eyes look like transfers and the face seems flat to me. Getting past this, the rest of the body and accessories are crazy detailed.

The 2 rifles alone are pieces of art that would be fine on their own. It has a nice color with the wooden tone and pewter gray metal parts. The splashed a but of purple and red to give it an accent color. The sword however was left in its sheath, so it is just silver and black.

Her outfit is heavily detailed as well with all the rivets on he back plate. The two tone tattoos are nice and are also accented by her gloves and shoes which have a similar pattern. They even placed a purple border around her white shoes to match the purple in the gun as well. "Remember Boys, a girl has to accurately accessorize". The details also go into the fabric she is wearing. There are well conceived folds in her sash and panties. You of course will see more of that later in the review.

Like I noted earlier, this isn't a bad figure for a collector of Shirow's stuff. She does catch the action of what the figure should represent since she looks like someone ready for battle. you see this in the base as it looks like wood which would place her on a ship possibly. Organic did an overall stunning job showing the sexuality of this figure. I was surprised that they kept her physical appearance so much to the scary thin frame she has in the illustrations.

Here are some more shots showing the figure as a whole and in detail.

Revolving Poses

Other Poses
Infamous Pantsu Shot

Is this one that you may be adding to your collection?


  1. You sure are a great fan of Masamune Shirow right from 'Ghost In a Shell'. 1/8 is an ideal size to be me for display and provided enough detail on the figure. Nice sword at the hip and OMG! The notorious pantsu shot is back with vengeance!

    1. I really do love his works and enjoy it when they are in full 3D figures. It really brings them to life.

      hehehe - that pantsu shot really is detailed (O_O)

  2. Wow this is a good looking figure! You got both version too!

    1. I got lucky with that one. I can't stand how they over price these and think someone will drop that much for them.

  3. Okay so i was a bit confused on were this figure was from bc i got her in a grab bag at anime boston this past year. i do like the amazing details on the figure tho very well made

    1. It does have a lot of details, especially in the guns. To me, it isn't a well known or collected figure as it isn't as hig of quality of some others (ie. Creator Labo). I still however enjoy them due to who they were modeled from.


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