Friday, March 01, 2013

Cosplay: Asuka Langley Soryu, Evangelion 3.0

I have already been biting at the bit for cosplay from Evangelion 3.0: You can (Not) Redo. For now Asuka is my first choice with Rei coming in right behind her. It has something to do with the eye patch. "Pirate Asuka", "Arrrrrr their Matey!".

Okay, bad joke, but I just had too drop it in there.It is awesome know that one day I will get to see the anime. I know I will be resolved to just see it on blu-ray.

For this series, I got cosplays of her in both of her different plugsuits. I was amazed by the detail that they always put into these and can't fathom how hot it has to be for them in the latex or other materials used to construct these.

Without further a-do, let get to the lovely ladies that cosplayed her!

(photographers: Anna Fischer, Daniel Gray, LJinto & Soulfire Studios)

(photographer: shiroang)

Kikai Saigono
(photographer: unknown)

(photographer: Dyire & Anna Fischer) 

Let me know which of these ladies are your favorite?

We are also always looking for our NEXT COSPLAY STAR, so drop me a line a bluedrakon (at) gmail (dot) com!


  1. I assumed Asuka resemble more like a Caucasian and I think 06TATTO fitted the bill. For the plugsuit also as it's waterproof! Maybe a bad joke.. Hee! Hee!

    I think Yuuri-K is cute but the costume look more like catwoman..

    1. They are did a really great job on these. It is hard for me to say one is better than the other. I am not sure Yuuri-K looks like Catwoman, I guess it may be because of the head pieces? (o_O)


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