Monday, April 22, 2013


DC Rushton’s Net/Web Report: 


This post on Anime Conji Con 2013, I “Dedicate” this post to a “Very Special Lady”. If it were not for her, I would not be here when I stand here and now. That Lady is, “HOLLY MY SEAMERSS”. She took my Hand drawing, and made MY TRADE MARK COSPLAY COSTUME. To which, brought a pond me the, “Eye of Notice”, of, THE QUEEN OF COSPLAY: LADY YAYA HAN!

Tao Strutting my way in the morning “June Gloom”, I Entered the “Town and Country Resort” area proper, Brother and Sister Cosplayers greet me. “NICE COSPLAY YING YAIN COSTUME”, with “What’s your Cosplay Character/What Series?” they asked. My Business Cards are passed with my stander: “I am the Priest of Tao, and not of any series. It’s from MY OWN IMAGATION.” Standing in line for my 3-Day Badge outside the Conji Con’s entrance, already I am being asked for pictures. STAFFER! This Lady has a “Questing Eye”. Seeing me, she ready HER CARD, and walk up to me. (I ready mine) “Love your Cosplay Costume! We want you for our Con’s STUDIO SHOTS.” My answer: “DC Rushton, Professional Cosplay Photo-Model and pre-trained.”

I must say that this Con was “VERY”, unorganized. Print out of maps and Con guides were “LATE”. So, GOOD LUCK finding anything. And to ask for info was like pulling teeth. NO HANDY CAPED Section, but will help you out when asked. I got some staffer to point me in right direction of the Resort’s maze. Number one on my Mission Objectives List was finding Masquerade Check in. (sorry I ever thought of signing up. More on that, later) Jennifer of the Masquerade was very help full getting my P/W done/signed. Spoke to her of how I became Cosplay Professional, dropping Lady Yaya Han’s name. “You Cosplayed with Yaya Han?” I presented our pictures at SD CC, 2011 and 2012. Next, find the Photo Studio. Lucked out when a Cosplayer called to me from upstairs, saying, “UP HERE YING/YANG GUY!” Piss poor Con! Heard MANY other attendees say same thing, about the LAST TWO YEARS? The Con’s Photo Studio was “Professional Set Up”. When asked for Photo Release P/W info, passed Calif. Driver ID, and several of my cards. “YOU KNOW YAYA HAN?” the crew asked. Passed them 5 X 7’s of Lady Yaya and myself from past Cons, and of how she published me in her Book: “1000 INCREDIBLE COSPLAY AND COSTUME IDEAS”! Such Respect I received.

With ZERO Info on “EVENTS”, Maps, and even times, I saw a Monitor running the Convention Guide and Events Listing, But SO SLOW! Frack it! Cosplay Cruise, and “See and Be Seen!” I heard anime theme music BLASTING, from a swimming pool area. Where there is a swimming pool and Cosplayers… HOT COSPLAY SWIM SUIT LADIES ARE SURE TO BE FOUND. While Cosplaying/Picture taking/Handing out cards, a VIP STAFFER, enter the pool area and announced: “Ever one! In a little while, “VAMPY”, will be coming here pool side for a visit. So do give her a warm welcome.” “I HAVE BLUNDERED INTO ANOTHER COSPLAY QUEEN! I wonder if Lady Yaya and Lady Vampy know each other. I bet they do. Con-Bat Web/Net Reporter Time! The gate opened. Lady Linda Le, “Vampy”, was wearing a CUTE, Star Wars, R2D2 Dress with a radiant smile of a Cosplay Queen.

I waited to a side as a few Cosplayers and camera crew toot some shots. Again, my “Priest of Tao” Costume draws a Cosplay Queen Eye. As with Proper Cosplay Photo Etiquette, I held up my Cam, to ask: “May I be next?” With a Cosplay Queen’s Smile, it was my turn. “DC Rushton, Web/Net reporter for Do you have a moment for our readers and a few words with the Oldest Cosplayer?” I asked with a one knee kneel and presented my card. “HE’S O SWEET! I’ve heard of you. You’re the Cosplayer that kneels and calls Yaya Han Queen!” Rising, I said, “Yes I am. I’m VERY surprised you ever heard of me. May I present my “Professional Cosplayer Credentials”, with Pictures of Lady Yaya and myself?” “Please. You are so sweet “Oldest Cosplayer.”

I had prepared for such. I had two pictures of Lady Yaya and myself from 2011 and 012, and the, “PROFESSIONAL PHOTO MODEL RELEASE” form I signed for my book. I told her of how I began my Cosplaying in 2007, to how I have come to stand before her. I ended with a half bow to her, QUEEN VAMPY! “He’s so sweet!” she said to everyone. (I had not notice the CROWD that had gathered listening) “This is wonderful and Congratulation on being published in the 1000 INCREDIBLE COSPLAY AND COSTUME IDEAS! I know how much it must mean to you. Now the Priest of Tao is your own idea. I will buy a copy and look you up. I love Cosplay ideas like this! Did you make your Costume yourself?” THAT SIMPLE QUESTION HIT ME SO HARD, I looked away in pain. “What’s wrong?” she asked with care. Taking a deep breath I locked eyes and explained. “This Cosplay Costume was made by my friend, “Holly”. She almost had my next Cosplay Character/Costume ready and…, she has cancer. I am “DEDICATING”, this Con’s Cosplay and Masquerade, to her.”

“Oh that is so sad to hear and I hope she beats it. I’m so sorry.” A sudden long care hug, I received. “Thank you for that. That meant a lot this moment to me… and Holly. I will tell her for you.” With “Anime High School EMBARRASSMENT”, I Face Palmed myself. “I feel like a HIGH SCHOOL KID that just BLEW IT with the Prom QUEEN!” That got a LAUGH out of everyone. Yet again, A COSPLAY QUEEN, corrects ME. “HE’S SO SWEET. No you didn’t DC. Be seeing you at my Sunday Panel.” My Honor, My Queen Vampy.” I recovered and took her offered hand. “Rushton is “TERRIBLY BRITISH” name. And a “TRULY ENGLISHMAN”, ‘ALL WAYS KISSES HIS QUEEN’S HAND.” And so I did. IT HAD TO BE THEN…camera power failure. DAMN!

Queen Vampy and I parted “Professional Cosplay Friends”. A “Gurren Lagann Yoko” Cosplayer I’d been talking to came up and said to me: “You are AWASOME!” I said to her: “Will you have a picture with me and pass on to you MY PERSONAL COSPLAYER SALUTE?


And so I shall end part one My Readers. The rest of Day-1 I spent doing what I do best…



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