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This is an example of why I love the “UNIVERSE OF ANIME”! You can say “Frack Reality!” and Create “YOUR OWN WORLD” I am well qualified to guide you my readers into the world of “Girls und Panzer”. If I may, 6 Hours Seat Time in a M-1 Sherman Tank, (Kern County, Privacy owned) Ancestral Memories of LT. WILLIAM RUSHTON 1ST MARINE, 2TH TANK BATTATION, TANK COMMANDER, M4A3/FLAME TANK, AND MEMBER OF “THE FLAME DRAGON OF KORIA” Also, I am a “Avid History Buff + Veteran of Vietnam”

What drew my interest at first into this anime was “Attention To Detail”, given to by artists. I had a “RUSSIAN HISTORY” file open in one side of my mind, after viewing u-tube: (Girls Und Panzer – Katyusha (Full Version and Video) “Katyusha”, is a Russian love song that became an iconic war song during the “The Great Patriotic War”, of 2th WW.

Girls und Panzer is story of Miho Nichizumi (last in her family of a long line of tankers) and her bad experience with “Sensha-do” Translated means: “The Way of The Tank” (see Oarai Girls School Presentation below) Miho transfers from her old school to Oarai Girl’s School to get away from Sensha-do. Bad News!

Her new school reinstates the teaching of The Way of The Tank. Miho then is “Nicely/Ordered”, to sign up by the Heads of the Student Council. DAMN! She meets up with what will become her team mates to form “Team Angler Fish”. The story goes on into the “Trials and Tribulations”, of Tank School, and Miho’s discovering she not only no longer fears it, BUT LOVES IT!

As you dive deeper, you will see other Nations Tank Schools, meet the Girls of the Nation’s teams, and know the by their Country’s themes. From the Russia’s War Song “Katyusha” you have seen in my posts, to German’s “Panzerlied”, all the way to US! “U.S.A.”

The statement is made in Saunders Tank School Informational Video: “Here at the Saunders school, WE PRIDE our self’s on our SHERMAN TANKS!” As an SON of an “AMERICA TANK COMMANDER” of an M-1 Sherman Tank, I stand with my Father and Render a SLUTE , ALL TANKERS, LIVING OR DEAD, and will close with a USA TANK THEME. Thee “Informational School Video” of the AMERICAN Girl’s SAUDER’S TANK SCHOOL INTRO: “THUNDER STRUCK” (see below + SING!)


I close, DC


  1. I have been meaning to watch this. Really something I would like! Seems to be the anime answer to Tank Girl. :p


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