Thursday, June 20, 2013


Yes my Readers.

You call for more “Anime Girl on Anime Tanks”!

Well then welcome to the world of “Dominion: Tank Police”. Back in the 90’s, late nights, on the Sci-Fi Channel, you would find me armed with the VHS machine and remote in hand. This is where I fell in love with Anime.

video credit to cedric creech

Our story takes place in the city of “Newport”, Japan. This is a “Post Bio-War” world. The aftermath of this war has left clouds of “Bacterial Air Pollution” over the Northern Hemisphere. “Anti- Bacterial” masks, has to be worn when breathing outside.

The story centers on a “Tank Police Squad” and their new recruit, “Leona Ozkai”, who asked to be transferred from the Motorcycle Division, to the Tank Division.

Leona is a Bright Eyed Enthusiastic Policeman who is VERY protective of her tank, “Bonaparte”. Lt. Charles Brenten, Squad Commander, (has a “For Life” subscription to: “HOW TO KILL” magazine) and “Little” regard for regulation. Al Cu Adsolte, is Leona’s partner/driver. (got the “Hot’s” for Leona) Jim E Lovelock, (nick name Specs/Megane/4 Eyes) Science/Tank Commander.

My favorite character, Tank Police/Squad “Unofficial Chaplain”/driver. Took pity on a criminal once, and killed his partner on the spot. (got God) Chief, in command of the Tank Police, and is always tearing his hair out over them.

The Criminal Side of the story, Buaku, a “Super Criminal”, that the Tank Police was formed to fight. The “Puma Twins”, AnnaPuma, and UniPuma, Android Cat Girls (made for “Love Dolls)

So my Readers, if want a “L-Y-A-O-!”, Old School Anime, with a GREAT STORY, this Anime is for you.

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