Monday, July 22, 2013

Another Great year at SDCC!

DC is still recovering from exhaustion since he did a marathon at SDCC this year. I am sure he will be giving us some fabulous reports in the coming days of this time there.

To tide everyone over, lets take a look at some of the shots he has shared with me so far.


Here he is presenting Yaya Han with a gift (a Dragon figurine). I hope she wasn't too taken back by his affections, but I know that DC is aware that she is engaged.


Send me those writes DC as soon as you can!


  1. Heard a lot of good things of SDCC this year, and looks like you had a lot of fun too!

    Would you have more pictures to share of the conventions and stallse etc? Would be interesting to see if there are any!

    1. DC usually just hangs out with the cosplayers and doesn't go deep into SDCC. Hopefully we will see soon what all he was able to capture :^)

  2. Oh yes, attending event can be hectic, then again the joy outweighed the exhaustion. So, Yaya had decided to pledge her alliance with Cobra.. ^_^


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