Monday, September 09, 2013

$100K USD for a Pokemon Card?!

I had to wrap my head on that one as I am sure my son will be shocked. Even in my wildest dreams would I never EVER expect to drop cash like that for a Pokemon card no matter the rarity.

This gem is on sale on Ebay of course and is only one of 6 that was ever produced. We of course are talking about the infamous Pokémon Illustrator card. This was a winning entry in 1997 for the Pokemon Card Illustration Contest. Well, actually only 5 are in circulation as the 6th card belongs to the Official Pokémon TCG Blog.

This was only produced in Japanese and is THE rarest of the rare Pokemon cards. I am sure a Collector Completist would be drooling at the bit for this card. I can't fathom spending more than $5.00 on a single card. The seller however is taking offers (439 so far), so give it a shot. It is estimated to go for $50K as this is the only one that has been certified by a third party. One without certification went for $20K (fucking seriously?).

What is the most you ever spent on a Collectible Playing Card?

Source: Geek


  1. Unbelievable but really no point spending this much unless I own a Ferrari. Lol

    1. LOL - my son thought that was crazy too. I undestand the popularity, but from an investment standpoint, not so much.


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