Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Kids Korner: Review of Zabat Zoid

PROLOGUE: This post done by my son with a little help here and there by me.Photos were under his guidance as well :^)

I am really excited I got a ZABAT zoid. This is a Level 3 kit or Intermediate. I got it by reading a book by the end of the summer. The book I read was Scrolls of Zndaria: Scroll One: The Golden Wizard.

The reason I like the bat is that it is from the show Zoids. I like the show Zoids is because they are robot animals that fight. The bat is cool because I has an escape pod. The escape pod is a pullback type. There are a couple more things that I like. One is that you can use a button to flap its wings.There is one more button that releases the escape pod. If you wind it up and release the escape pod it drives away from you. Another thing is that it can change its heads. The best part is it hangs on a stand [or outside].

There are some dislikes I have about the bat. The little pilot is only used for one of the heads. The wings are not staying up so I had to fix that. It took me 15-20 minutes to take it apart and put it back together. The instructions are only in Japanese and not in English which made it hard to read.

The reason I love the ZABAT is because it is the first Zoid I build by myself. Building was hard at some points but I finished it. Over all it was a good buy because it had more pros than cons.


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