Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Review: Gundam Fix Figuration #0004 G-Armor

Another fabulous post about a Gundam Fix Figuration figure. I hate to say, it will probably be the last one of this figure group. It never ceases to amaze me the detail of these figures, but at the opposite end is the fragility of them. I got this second hand off of eBay as his kid didn't want it. I did ask, so have to assume he never know it had a cracked shoulder. Good news is that it does hold up well, but due to the functionality of it, I can't really super glue it for repair.

Nuff said on that subject, lets get to the review.

This is for GFF #0004 which is also called G-ARMOR. It is a nice combo pack featuring both a RX-78 and G-Fighter. I got this as I loved the extras and multiple configurations. It was also one that I got specifically for my son to help me with. He loves assembling these and is very helpful when I need a second pair of hand or eyes. In fact, I couldn't figure out a part to remove and he actually found it and how to do it.

I like the fact it come with a Core Fighter as a flyer and also folded up. As you would expect, it did have your normal beam rifle, but you also got 2 blast shields. You do need 2 shields for the G-Armor mode. The fact that they also designed them to be carried together was very smart.

The RX-78 is very nicely detailed and the articulation is simple. It would be fine as a stand alone figure by itself. When you ad the beam rifle and the double shields, it really comes to life. I am reading Mobile Suit Gundam - The Origin manga and up to volume 3. It was so cool making this as I could image it was me - lol - sorry, fanboy moment.

You really don't need a lot of mobility when configuring this for the G-Armor modes. This was also designed in a way that you could use the G-Armors with or without the Gundam. Transforming it into the G-Armor, G-Sky or G-Bull is fairly easy. This was actually where I found that the left should was broken.

My son really liked the G-Armor mode as you get twin cannons and it rolls on tank treads. Well, not really roll as the treads are glued to the wheels. I didn't take shots of all the transformations, but here is what we did take for your pleasure. The G-Bull has issues with the shield being held in place on the one arm, so that wasn't included in my shots. Here are the rest with the RX-78 transformed.

What do you think of this one?
Is it one you would want to add to your collection?


  1. Paint works is undeniably good for GFF. The extra accessories sure adds a lot more fun to RX-78-2 alone. Nice blend and gimmick of G Armor and G fighter. There's so much to it.

    1. That was one of the reasons I got it. It was sort of simple to transform. It was also fun for a dad/son project.

  2. Hi!
    This figure comes with 3 hands only?

    1. We got this off of eBay for a fair price and only had the 3 hands.


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