Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Review: Queen's Blade Rebellion aka Amazon's Gone Wild

I decided to drop some cash for this in blu-ray format. I am not sure why the 2nd season isn't on blu-ray?!

For your cash, you get the whole third season and 2 music CD's. Not sure how the hell you can fill 2 CD's with music, but they did. I have to admit this was part of why I got it. I am a OST whore and have a nice collection of them anyway, so it was a no brainer for me. There are 21 songs per disk - I find it crazy that there are 42 songs for just 12 episodes. Most of these are just instrumental which is how it is for most of these OST's, but still some nice pieces.

I guess we should get to the anime now. As you know, Claudette Vance is the Queen now and has taken full reign. No more fighting for the next Queen which has some people a bit upset. She is also handing down some strict rules which isn't sitting well with the locals. There is some internal strife that you see building as each will start showing their true nature as time goes on. You end up with the Queen and here girls against all the other QB ladies. Not really an original concept, but who cares when bare boobies are flashed on the screen with massive amounts of pantsu too.

On a side note: I have the figures of (Iron Strategist) Ymir and (Alchemy Strategist) Yuit with Vante (Alchemy Steel Woman) from this series. It is interesting 'hearing' the voices to them.

I have only caught the first 4 episodes, but it was what I expected. Sexual innuendos galore in this series in every one of the shows. Though the story line seems to be dragging you around with all the characters. You will get a new Queens' Blade character each episode for sure. I know they have to get all the girls into the show, but damn.

By episode 2, you have tentacle hentai (Annelotte with an Octopus). While that was happening, you have Elina Vance getting off rubbing her sword on her - well - you know. I think the best one so far was the shining pantsu which Sigui shows off to Annelotte in a confessional. Wasn't Annelotte suppose to be a boy anyway as Yuit keeps calling her "Big Brother"? Yea, I know she was raised as a boy by her father, but still seems like a transgender when you listen to the voice (very male). I have to admit, I was happy when Luna Luna showed up in the third one though. She is an odd one for sure with her added 'accessory' X^D. I do want this one as a figure too just for that reason - I am wacked, I know. 

There is so much more I want to go into, but I think I have done enough spoilers for now. If you are into perversion, this is a MUST OWN series as it is hitting all the right spots (literally).

Though I still have the remainder of the series to watch, I am happy with my purchase. It is great fanboy entertainment that will always please any hot blooded young man or woman (depending on tastes).

Do you have this on your radar to own, or is it just too much skin for you?

Character Source: Queen's Blade Wikia

UPDATE: I have watched the first disk (9 episodes) and so far it has been what I expected and noted - bare breasts galore - LOL!  Still though, it is keeping me interested and wondering what will happen next.


  1. I still can't get over the fact that a design like Luna Luna's made it into a non rated-R anime....

    1. I just got done watching this series and the sexual overtones really made me wonder the same.


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