Friday, November 08, 2013

Microsoft goes Moe for Internet Explorer

I guess Microsoft is having issues with people using Internet Explorer (IE) in Asia. They went and are once again going moe to lure in the masses. It is kind of sad that they need to use sexy young anime girls to get people to use their products. Not that there is anything really bad about that as we all know - SEX SELLS.
"Desktop" Illustration by Zi Rong & Team CACANi
Her name is Inori Aizawa and you can find out all about her on her Facebook page. Seriously, they have a Facebook page - WTF! but the best part is her About page. Well, it is kind of, sexually inviting if you ask me. Here is the excerpt from her About Me on Facebook. Read this and don't tell me is sounds like a come on!

My name is Inori and I'm an anime personification for Internet Explorer! Shall we explore the web?

Biography : When I was younger, I used to be a clumsy, slow and awkward girl.

However, just like the story of ugly duckling, people told me that I have really matured and changed over the years. I feel confident in my abilities now, and I'm eager to show you what I can do.

Why don't you get to know me a little better?

If you want to download some backgrounds, you should check out her SkyDrive. Nothing like plugging another MS feature while you can. They even have a download for Internet Explorer 11 (Windows 7, 32 bit) that has her as the theme. I haven't tried to download it as yet, but will shout back about it with a update later. They are also doing some multiple product placements on her desktop. Can you spot all the hardware that is related to them in the photo above?

What would a sexy cool moe character be without an anime video. Yeppers, they got one out there as well and it is kind of cute in a gaming sort of way. Gotta love the uniform transformations!

Does this make you want to change your default browse back to IE?

Source:The Register

UPDATE: I actually downloaded IE 11 that has her as the main page. I actually am kind of liking this and wish I could use it at work. Here is my screen shot:


  1. Any marketing strategy to otaku is fine by me. The promo clip reminded me a lot on anime like 'Horizon In The Middle of No Where', Gundam Seed & Infinite Stratos.

    1. It was a pretty cool video. I have updated the site as well with a screenshot of the new IE 11 with Inori as the main web page. I have to admit, it is pretty cool layout.


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