Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Review: Triage X - Sexy Housecalls with Deadly Consequenses

When the !@#$%^ did guns and swords help with triage of a patient? When that person is a bane to society!

Manga: Triage X
Rating: Mature
Story: Shōji Satō
Art: Shōji Satō
Distributor: Yen Press
Number Volumes: Up to 5th volume (released in January '14)
Cost: $13.99

Since I get into High School of the Dead, I figured I would give this a look. Like it has been noted in other reviews, this lends itself to mirror that series. You have a young male character surrounded by a treasure trove of sexy women battling it out. But then again, what man wouldn't want this to be him?

I have read the first 4 volumes so far and am planning on continuing with the series. It isn't one for intellectual thought, but one that is meant to entertain you visually. Some of these ladies wear masks which are down right scary though. Imagine if you will, a well endowed woman in a tight fitting nurses outfit wearing a Hannya Mask holding Dual Wielding MG42's and firing them at you. Beautifully erotic and piss your pants scary at the same time.

No need to rewrite the summary as we only have to  . . .rip it from the Internet:

"Mochizuki General Hospital boasts some of the most well-trained (and well-endowed) nurses in town. But though these ladies spend much of their day battling sickness, their after-hours are spent fighting a very different sort of disease…Under the leadership of the hospital chairman, a handful of staff members and local teenagers form a group of mercenary assassins, targeting the “cancers” of society and excising those individuals before their wickedness spreads."

Whats Cool

The reason it has a MATURE code, the naked breasts and HUGE ones at that. You get plenty of the Japanese Bath scenes with the lovely ladies. There is even some overtones of lesbianism in some of the scenes. Ladies of all shapes and sizes (of breasts) that one can enjoy it no matter their tastes. It is good that you have a large cross over of characters. Plus add in that some of them go to school together as you have that element as well. Gotta hand it to Shōji, he really nailed all the things we love in a single series once again. 

Aside from that, our main male character, Arashi Mikami was actually put back together by the Doc in Charge using his son's body parts. Talk about a Frankenstein build - they are a really close 'knit' group. Now with him and a lovely selection of beauties, they fight to purge the city of the cancerous infections. They use a variety of weapons and styles unique to each character. So as you can imagine, it gets a bit graphic at times. Bloodshed and Boobies, a titilizing and terrifying combo for sure in this series. It isn't for the weak morals either as there are adult topics in ths as well.

What Sucks

With all the numerous naked boob shots, it sometimes is a bit overworked. Yes, here is a guy saying there is too many boobs. But seriously, it seems to overshadow the story sometimes. Shōji even makes fun of this in the second volume when the kids at school are talking about the size of a girls breasts in a pin up magazine. He keeps saying they are average which shocks them all as they even pointed out the Homeroom Teacher is well endowed. He says that she is still 'ok' which we can understand seeing some of these breasts sizes of the woman he fights with.

Treating criminals as a cancerous disease on the city is an interesting twist but including a Hospital just adds to the humor. There seems to be more in the background, but it is kind of an odd cliche. The repeated use of the same line also takes up space in the series. I guess it is a script that must be read by them before killing them off - "You're a malignant tumor . . . it's time you were removed.'.

Final Thoughts

This is definitely a mature manga and the story does showcase that very well. Thought not something I would have thought I would like, the plot does lend itself to be enjoyed. It could be viewed as a bit out there given how they look. I mean seriously, having breasts that size would hamper your job. I still like how this is fleshing out as a series. Sexy nurses, doctors and mayhem of course helps its cause as well. Don't write it off, but know you better not get offended as you don't want to become a 'Black Label'.

Overall Rating: B for BOOBIES and seriously well endowed ones at that.

Now for some of the content you will find in this series:


  1. Although I greatly appreciate the artists work, this series just go to make Triage X shifting towards hentai. HOTD had the blessing of being the edgewalker on that category, but this one is, well not very fun in general. Not a fan of this series.

    1. Happy 2014 by the way!

    2. I just get a kick out of the series as it is over the top. I can see it being a bit hentai as it does get close to blur those lines.

      Happy 2014 to you as well and hope for a more fun fulled one for sure!


  2. Yeah! The drawing is veri High School of The Dead... Wish it will move to anime. I prefer in motion picture lol


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