Thursday, January 30, 2014

Wizard Barristers: Benmashi Cecil - Put that Wand away in Court!

Kind of a mash up of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney with Fairy Tail.

I normally wouldn't have looked at this, but the anime artwork reminded me of Kite the Liberator. If you look at the lead character, she seems to look a lot like her. After checking into why, I found that the series character designs were done by Yasuomi Umetsu. She is even spunky like she was and doesn't back down. After catching the first episode, I decided to give it a try. I am happy with the first 3 shows so far and the story seems to be evolving at a nice smooth pace.

Cecile Sudou is pretty, smart and at 17 the youngest Wizard Barrister. She has a frog with pink hair that is her familiar called Nanajiinyi. He always says '-bon' after ever sentence which is cute, but annoying. She actually ends up being late for her first day of work at the Butterfly Law Offices. On her way to work on her scooter, she witness a bank robbery and decides to jump in and represent one of people being arrested. Umm, not something she should have done that without permission.

You get little glimpses of who the characters are and what drives them. We even see that Cecil has some latent powers that show themselves in the 3rd episode. There are times of high excitement with a battle of metaloids (magical mechs). Then you have your down times of normal boring leg work of doing the case and the trials. The cast of characters are each unique and with this many personality's, there will be clashes and fun. Seriously, this show has some very interesting figures like Koromo Sasori who seems to stuck with talking about sex.

In Tokyo, wizards are called "Wuds" and are looked at like second class citizens from regular humans. They even have different laws called the Magic Prohibition Law. Seems that using magic in public is a high offense. If you do use magic, then you will be in front of the Court of Magic. This is where Cecil and any wizard barristers act as attorneys on behalf of the convicted magic users. Due to the fact wizards are highly discriminated, the sentences are usually very harsh and could even be an immediate death.

We have some high level bad guys that are looking at Cecil too. It seems that this organization has to do with the prophecies in the Grimore 365. There looks to be some factions called Labone and Macal which are at odds. We still don't know much about them, but the seem to be running things - even in the court room. I am sure more will be exposed as the show moves forward. I wonder if this also has to do with Cecil's mother who is in jail?

About the side characters, even quiet Hachi Mitsu as a familiar. What is funny is that his is a female pig (sort of a slutty Miss Pig from the Muppets). She is quite smitten with him just like Nanajiinyi is with Cecil. It is sometime hilarious when these creatures get involved. I am looking forward to seeing who else has these 'assistants'. I have checked out the first three episodes and have titled them as such below.

Episode 1 - Intros and Newbie gets a Case
Episode 2 - First battle and case victory?
Episode 3 - Bathroom talk and background reviews

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Is this one you may be watching this season!

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