Saturday, September 27, 2014

DC RUSHTON’S SDCC 2014: DAY-4, “Family Day!”

This is the “Ease-Back-Family Day” of The Con. I can’t think of anything that could not bring ones “Family Together”, than “Family Cosplaying”! But before I go into that, let us get out of the way a couple of People and places I discovered on Family Day First.

If there is one thing that I look for in a lady is “BRAINS”, as well as beauty! Well at 1601 Booth I found just that. TIMES TWO!

Meet Lady Brittany and Brianna. “The Winner Twins”, these Two are the National Best Selling Novelist, Screen Writers and Producers. Being morning of the last day we spoke with Coffee still in hand, and caffeine fueled, we had a long talk together because I WAS DEEMED A SCIENCE FICTION WRITER AT THE BASE OF THE WHEEL CHAIR OF THE DEAN OF S.F. “THE LATE RAY BRADBURY” I “Impressed” them very much! I highly recommend reading their work.

Now Our Ladies Readers…. Please take a break.
MEN! BEHOLD THE BLACK HEART SUICIDE GIRLS! I Highly recommend visiting this “Photo Model Web-Site”, and give them YOUR LOVE, AND COIN!

Family Day 2014 of the Comic Con was the best ever yet for “Family Cosplaying”.

Here is a Perfect example of San Diego Comic Con Family! 

It’s their Second one and the Priest of Tao gave them blessing to see them for many more to come!

To End Our Family Day Web-Report on The San Diego Comic Con 2014, please to enjoy these “Family/Kids Cosplay” Photos.


DC Rushton,
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  1. It's cool when cosplay make it to a part of the family thingy ^_^


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