Thursday, July 20, 2017

2 Old 4 Anime SDCC 2017 Artificial

My Dear Readers;

SOOOOOOO SORRY I've not been writing or submitting any P.R.T.P.S. I had a accident and shall leave it at that.

I will devote a full articular on that alone. Sadly because of my situation right now I will not be attending this year's SDCC. Tears at the very thought fill my eyes. Join me in front of your televisions and watch SyFy Channel's day by day reports of the going on at the Con.

I found someone who will be attending the Con and will get me a signed copy Queen Yaya's 2017 Calendar. The Buddha bless her. ( knows me by sight )


DC Rushton

Check out the SyFy Offical Trailer too!

My Past SDCC Photos 


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