Friday, April 13, 2018

Happy Belated Birthday to Yaya Han!

My Dear Readers!

Rise as one in Heart, Voice, Song!
Let us sing “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”!

For on April 10th (sorry, a little late). Our Cosplay Queen Birth Day! Yaya is 36 years old. She is fluent in Chinese, German, and is learning Spanish, Latin, French, and Japanese. Myself and many others have been inspired by her story of Cosplay.

Starting at Anime Expo 1999, she began her path of “Professional Cosplay”. At the San Diego Comic Con 2010 was the year when Lady Yaya and I first met. Truly “Our Eyes Met Across The Cosplay Floor”. (all right it sound corny)We were both scanning each other Cosplay Costumes! In10 minutes we were Cosplay Friends.

There is a “Old Saying” as writers speak: “Your not a writer until a writer say you are so” Ray Bradbury told me I was a writer. Well at the SD Comic Con, Lady Yaya wave me up on HER COSPLAY STAGE. I thank her for sharing her spot light of Cosplay with this “Old Amateur Cosplayer”. She had her arm around my waist, pull me to her with a actor hip hug, looking dead into my eyes, she said: “No you are NOT a amateur Cosplayer DC!” And with a hand presented me to her Cosplay Cameras.

So from our Web-Master Dan, Myself, let us wish a heart felt


to our Queen, Yaya Han The First!

DC Rushton


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