Wednesday, May 06, 2009

1st Post and Basquash! Episodes 1 & 2

So here is my first blog post and hopefully one will be up each day. I really need to make the commitment, but should be fun. I intend to post stuff on Anime I have watched and reviewed, figures that I own and other cool stuff from Japan. If you can, take a gander at my poll to the right. Figured I have some fun at my own expense.


Caught this on the list of anime being shown on TV this Spring in Japan. I thought this was a cool concept and excited to find that Kadokawa is showing the first 2 episodes on YouTube (until May 7th so get there fast) for Golden Week. Got wind of this from Anime News Network and had to watch them both. Keep in mind that these are in Japanese with no subtitles. Even so, the graphics are great and the action fast. I really hope to see this in DVD in the future.

Take a look and see what you think.

Another Screen Shot

Oh, there is some Fan Service in this as well - LOL!

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