Thursday, May 07, 2009

Queens Blade Cards

Finally got my card boxes in this week. Due to a vacation coming up soon, I had to cancel a Starter set for Angel of Light Nanael.

I am feeling okay on my purchase of 2 boxes of Queen's Blade Card Collection Gum 2.0. Out of the 40 I got in these 2 boxes, only 9 were dupes. So out of a possible 39 cards, I got 31 out of these. Wish it would of been more, but still not bad.

Just so you know, these cards are not for the youngsters. Just some beautiful babes in skimpy outfits that fall apart when they fight. For those not familiar with Queen's Blade, it is a group of female warriors that fight to be Queen. Pretty much a winner take all battle like our Presidential elections (happens every so many years).

Each pack has some free gum (sort of like the old Baseball card days). Interesting things is that each pack holds one plastic card (in plastic wrap) and on piece of white square gum (in its own wrapping too). Very fruity and juicy - the gum that is among other things.

Got a Starter deck for the Queen's Blade Card Game of Menace, but will talk about that tomorrow.

Check out Wiki for more info on characters and game.

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