Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Box Set 3 for Gurran Lagann

Gurran Lagann Box Set 3
Overall Rating: A+

So I finally got my last box set for Gurran Lagann. I picked it up from DVD-Planet for $39.04 (reg price $54.98) with free shipping. I have to say that this box set was the best of all them. Not only do you get the last 2 DVD's, but also the first Manga and the Best Sound CD. I figured if you added them up by themselves at normal rates it would be $85.96 for all that.

All the Goodies!

I already uploaded the CD to my iTunes and have watched volume 5. Damn I really love this anime. It gets my heart pounding, blood flowing and high energy. It has Mecha, big fight scenes and hot chicks with big guns.

One question: Can someone explain why the men get nose bleeds when looking at women?

Seems that no matter the size, Gurren Lagann can merge with anything that is a Gunman. This has amazing battle scenes with the Anti-Spirals and it just goes from bad to worse and back to better again. If you want a roller coaster of emotions and crazy stupid action, then you have to get this.

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