Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Kiba - First 7 Episodes

Anime: Kiba
Overall Rating: C+

Genre: Action, Adventure

Themes: Fantasy, Magic, Spirit Monsters

Introduced this on a blog about some additional websites that hosted anime. I was thinking of getting the DVD's, but short on money had me go to other options. It originally aired on Cartoon Network.

Story has similar characteristics to other anime. Young boy (Zed) is on his own is a rebel (dad gone, mom in mental hospital) and lives in a city called Calm. It looks like any neo-modern city, but no wind is present - weird. For some reason he breaks down doors for no apparent reason. Has a friend (Noa) that is ill (has an exo-skeleton under his clothes) and tries to help him. Later a strange guy tries to kill him in front of the hospital and his mom saves him with some kind of powers. He then is chased by police for a murder he did not commit (strange bad guy did it) and jumps into a mysterious portal to escape. This all happens in the 1st episode - WOW!

So now starts his adventure on who he is, what his powers are and why people are trying to kill him. He is transported to another world in a country called Tempura (no laughing). It is a civilization sort of the Middle Ages, but with magical gems and spirits that battle. They are called Shard Casters which he learns from Roya and her master, Jiko. Like normal, it is not before long he gets in trouble again. We also see that his friend Noa is also taken through to the other Realm.

His hot headedness get him in trouble after trouble, but is learning as he goes along. Finds more friends and tries to actually make a difference. Only issue is that his Spirit which has some amazing powers (one being wind) is not listening to him. It is in fact so strong, it is overpowering him. As it turns out, his Spirit Shard is "Amil Gaoul", a mighty Spirit with the power to influence the world's future (no shock here). He is mentored by Dumas the current Shards Champion of Tempura. He also meets Robes a Rich playboy that also has his own Shard Spirit.

His friend Noa is taking a different course and is actually being hunted down by the rulers of Neotopia. They rule by an iron hand and anyone not following the rules are delt with in a harsh manner. Noa tries to save a village, but seems to make make matters worse.

So far the series is entertaining, but I think it is moving a little slow. I have also found out that there are 51 episodes to this. Kind of makes sense now on the slow movement and repeated scenes. I think I will continue to watch this for a little while longer. Should be interesting to see Zed actually master his spirit.

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