Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Is Being An Affliliate Really Worth It?

So due to a recent limitations on income flowing into my family, I have begun to expand my afflicates that I have on my artwork collection website. You will now note one on the bottom of my blog besides AdSense by Google on the right column. We always hope that you will click and purchase something as it adds either credits or cash to our accounts with each company we affiliate with.

Question most asked > Do they actually work and will I ever get anything out of this? I have not gained anything yet, but I just started using some of these. I have had J-List on my main site for a while though, but not really getting hits. Not that this is their fault as my site mainly deals with original artwork, so why would I have an ad about stuff from Japan there? Well mainly because I can! So keep in mind who you will affiliate with and make sure that they and you have something in common before joining up.

Success Story: One of my fellow blogger's actually got some free stuff from J-List for being one of their affiliates. You can check out his blog to get more info. Hopefully we all will get as lucky as this with our on ads.

So if you are looking for something and see the ad on one of the sites, please click! We are not demanding that you buy, just take a look. If something grabs your fancy, then feel free to make a purchase. I usually try to do this myself anyway as it helps out fellow collectors.

If you want links for some affliliates for Japanese toys and such, shot me an email or leave a comment.

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