Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tsuki-board - My Figurine Collection

Got a collection of Japanese figures and statues? Want to see others who have the same interest as you so you do not feel "weird". You have to come by and join Tsuki-board - My figurine collection. I found this from visiting other forums and liked what I saw.

Here is my small setup at my desk

It is nice to get information from others the World over on new figurines, sales at website and to just see how big your collection really is. I posted a widget that you can create from them for your blogs and websites. Lets everyone know you are a serious collector (not sure how serious you can be with "toys").

Some of the key points about this are:
  • Meet new Friends
  • Join Clubs that have similar interests
  • Get the latest info and views of figurines
  • A Huge Database of Figurines with great information on each one
  • Find out what is being bootlegged
  • Cool way you can view your collection and the labels that tell everyone your collective tastes (sometimes not always in your best interest - my biggest label is "ecchi" - LMAO)
I can go on - but really once you stop by, you will see why this is a great site. Why are you still reading this - click and get on over there . . . NOW!

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