Friday, May 22, 2009

Queen's Blade Echidna 2P pvc

Group: Queen's Blade
Name: Echidna (2P)
Manufacturer: MegaHouse
Scale: 1/8
For more information on the figure > Tsuki-board

Here is my latest purchase from a user on Hobby Japan Forum Site. My only regret is that the left foot peg is 1/2 broken off inside the foot. Other than that, she is in great condition.
Here are some of the shots I took of her. No keep you thoughts clean as these will get better as you scroll down.

Full Front View

Closeup Front View

Full Back View

Closeup Back View

Side-Back View
Side-Front View

Now here is where you go from R-Rated to X-Rated, so you better get your parents permission before continuing your scrolling action.
Front View Less Armor
Closeup Front View Less Armor
Back View Less Armor
Closeup Back View Less Armor

Okay, now go wash your hands.


  1. what a beautiful statue.. if i could find this or had the money for it id buy it in a heartbeat

  2. @The Toyman ~ she was a great figure to have, but alas she was sold off with my QB collection a year ago :_(


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