Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wha Cha Reading There?

Sometime I get some weird looks when I am reading. Not too sure what to think of an old man reading a "comic book". Especially with some of the covers that they have (well blah to you and your rigid lifestyle. Kick back and enjoy a good book (even if it is for the "bouncing boobies").

I have to say that once I start reading one, I can not put the book down. The art is well done and the story writing is wonderfully put together. I just wish they would come out a little more sooner than a month or 3 between books. I get so wrapped up in the series that it gets nerve racking waiting to see what happens next.

Fairy Tail 6 ~ Kurohime 10 ~ Rosario + Vampire 6

I actually started off with Ral Grad as I liked a write up I saw. Some of the other ones were similar as I read the reviews and thought it would be a good series to read (Fairy Tails & Kurohime). Others I just picked up off the shelf ( Shaman Warrior & Dogs Prelude) or read in Shonen Jump (Rosario + Vampire). I will give more details on these reads later down the road.

Speaking of Shonen Jump > this is a great Manga collection that comes out one a month with several series in it for a really cheap price of $4.99. It showcases the more famous Naruto, Bleach and One Piece, but also has several others that make a good read. So I would definitely advise to get your hands on one.

Dogs Prelude 0 ~ Ral Grad 3 ~ Shaman Warrior 6

Question: Do you find yourself reading the Manga after seeing the Anime or not?

My Answer: As for me, I usually don't read the manga after viewing the anime as I know the story line already - sorry! But that may change with Black Lagoon - hummmmm

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