Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Desktop

So I have been seeing everyone posting shots of their rooms or desktops. I did this a while back when I was replying to a forum on AnimeOST. So here is a shot of my Desktop which is actually sitting in between the Living Room and Dining Room of our apartment. I have my center CD rack overfull with Anime CD's which have all been loaded into my iTunes. Some figures of what I have open on the top shelf. I am sad to say that most of my collections are in boxes in storage.

My Desktop
It is annoying not having another room to set this up in for both me and my wife (her small desk in in the Dining Room). She was hoping to get the same chair as me, but they are now Out of Stock (only sold at Best Buy).

My Wife's Desk

I only have to spin the chair and I can see the 50" Plasma TV. But then have to watch what I am doing as my son may be watching. It is funny as one night I was watching Spice and Wold on YouTube and he was watching a cartoon on TV. He kept getting up and seeing what I was watching, so I told him to pick one to watch and not both - LOL.

Full Shot

Shelves of Manga / CD's / Figures

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