Saturday, June 20, 2009

Japanese News on the Internet (in English)

One of the things I wanted to see was news from Japan. I wanted to be able to know what was happening and how much the culture really was different from the US. I was amazed how things were reported and how the US (or Obama) was viewed by another country.

One of the first sites I visited was The Japan Times.

One of the coolest sections is Life in Japan which has a great number of columns to read about life living in Japan (hence the title). They have one column called "Views from the Street" where they as a question and pick about 6 people who responded. They use a wide selection of people from "Gaijin" to natural citizens.

They also have a column done by a "Gaijin" married to a Japanese wife and what things he experiences. It is written by Thomas Dillon and titled When East Marries West. It is a good read and a fun & witty look at life in Japan from an "Gaijin's" perspective.

Another site I cam across was Japan Today.

They have a different layout and stories you may not find in The Japan Times. IThough they do not have a "Life in Japan" column, they do touch on more issues related to Crime and World.

What is interesting about the Crime section is the diversity of the stories like about a shoplifter (male), trying to walk out of the store wearing woman's shorts under his pants. The World section really dives into Obama sometimes which is something that shows me world views of our President.

If Technology and Gadgetry are more your thing, then I highly suggest making Akihabara News one of your favorites.

As noted by their site description: "Your Leading News provider on Gadgets and Hi-Tech stuff from Akihabara in Tokyo Japan and in other Asian Countries". Not only do they have the latest news on tech coming out soon, but also some of the coolest gadgetry for any anime fanatic to want of need. Some of the write-ups are short, but the photo details make up for that.

Question: What online news source do you read on things from Japan?

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