Sunday, June 21, 2009

Food Critic: Burgers and Chips

Happy Fathers Day! Hope your wife took the kids away for the day so you can sleep, eat & watch the Boob Tub!

We had some family fun this past Thursday and I wanted to share it with you on this day. My wife also had a friend over, so we did a taste test with some Japanese snacks. We had Every Burgers, Frito Lay Tortilla chips (R=Restricted) and a Gokuri Peach drink.

So my wife thought it was cute how I had the food laid out with the shot glasses of the Peach drink. We had myself, my wife, my son & a friend of my wife try them out. Though my wife's friend could not eat the burgers because they were chocolate. We had a blast doing this and it was a fun family experience. So if you have time, please try something like this with your friends and family.

So the taste test comprised of the following food and drinks:

Every Burger: Little cheeseburger snack candies. The "buns" were a sesame short bread, the "cheese" was a white chocolate and the "burger" was a dark chocolate. It very much looks like a baby cheese burger.

Son: "Delicious" - can I have yours if you not going to eat it?
Wife: Tastes like Smores without the marshmellow
Me: Liked the sesame bun and the chocolate mixture.
Friend: Nada
Overall Rating: "B-" Not bad, but not on my next buy list

Frito Lay Chips: Was not able to find the name on the net, but it has a orange peel & spices on the white tortilla chip.

Son: "Spicy, Spicy Spicy" - can I have the ones you are not eating?
Wife: Has a citrus taste in the beginning, then the spices kick the back of your throat
Me: Like the citrus mix with the spicy after burn
Friend: "Awesome Dorito", the spice gets you in the end and clears your nose
Overall Rating: "A" Would get again if on the shelf

Suntory Gokuri Peach: A sweet white peach drink

Son: "I like it" - can I have some more . . . can I have some more . . . can I have some more?
Wife: very syrupy sweet peachy taste, can I dilute this?
Me: Not bad, bit thick sweet peach taste
Friend: Tastes like peach nectar and thick
Overall Rating: "C-" Not really what we were expecting, just too sweet and too thick

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